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The Way It Is - Emdad Rahman

A multi-generational voyage to New Earth

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Emdad Rahman interviews Astronomer and Space Science Researcher Abdul Ahad on his debut bestseller

Abdul Ahad was born in the Sylhet district of Bangladesh in 1968. When he was 9 years old, he and his mother and two sisters left Bangladesh to join his father, the late Haji Abdur Rahman in the UK.

Ahad obtained his secondary school education in the United Kingdom and graduated from the University of Luton in 1994 with a Higher National Diploma in Business & Finance.

”My interest in astronomy took off in the early 1980s at the age of 12, when I showed a notable leaning toward mathematical and positional astronomy” he said.

When he was just 15, at the dawn of the present era of home computers, Ahad compiled his own celestial mechanics algorithms for the precise computation of positions of planets, comets and minor planets from orbital elements.

Ahad has recently debuted with a bestseller. The book titled; First Ark to Alpha Centauri is an epic space adventure story with as Ahad says, an important distinction: “it could very easily become a reality one day in the not too distant future.”

The book is about the Centauri Princess, launched from Earth in the late 23rd century on a multi-generational voyage to New Earth, a planet located in the neighbouring solar system of Alpha Centauri. The journey, set to last for an eye-watering 50,000 years into the future, marks humanity’s first cosmic ark heading out towards the stars, carrying a colony of people, plants, and animals on an epic, one-way mission into the forever… Two thousand years into the voyage, as the ship travels further into deep space away from the bright neighbourhood of the Sun, a future generation begins to experience a series of psychologically disturbing nightmares. Mysterious creatures from the cosmic darkness are seen to approach the lonely ark ship from all directions in space and attack its occupants during sleep, putting the mission into jeopardy. In a desperate effort to safeguard their very survival, the ship’s 3,000-strong small town residents are forced into a battle which they seem powerless to win, since the nightmare creatures appear to be operating in an alternate dimension from their own.

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The True Value Of A College Education

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By Emdad Rahman

UK students are recognised and respected throughout the world. UK qualifications are solid foundations for building futures, boosting careers and prospects for a higher salary.

Universities, colleges and schools provide a vibrant, creative and challenging environment in which to develop potential. Quality standards for UK institutions are among the best in the world and continually have to prove that their courses meet strict criteria.

Many other countries are now trying to follow the example of the UK. In an increasingly globalised world economy, people need special skills and qualities to succeed. Employers want employees who can think effectively, creatively and for themselves. This is an essential part of the UK learning experience. Institutions use a variety of teaching and assessment methods to encourage independence, as well as mastery of the subject.

At College, degree and postgraduate level in particular, students are encouraged to read widely, to question and analyse what they have read, and to discuss openly their own ideas in seminars and tutorials.

English is accepted as being the language of business, science, IT and the Internet around the whole world. Learning English in the UK allows you to immerse yourself in the language, to live and think in English.

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The stir of my echoes

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Insidious reflections on the events of July the 7th 2005

I am Muslim. I am British. I am a Londoner. I am proud to be who I am, bombs will never change that.
As I write this, the news is filled with the horribly familiar sights and sounds of another terror bombing. And as is generally indicative in these cases, Muslims are the prime suspects.

On 7th July 2005 the world was shaken as seven explosions ripped through central London. This was the day when the world’s most powerful men convened for the opening of the G8 summit in Scotland. It was the day after London had learnt it would stage the Olympic Games in 2012.

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Attention… Rage Alert!

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I'm really excited by one of Mr Blair’s aka The American vice President's reasons for the bombing Iraq: he's running out of patience. And so am I!


For some time now I've been really cheesed off/on the edge with angry people and their venom, road rage, air rage, office rage, desk rage, work rage, bike rage, trolley rage and RAGE RAGE. Rage is definitely the word of the moment.

Whilst all of us become heated at times, it seems that certain individuals are in a rage all of the time ... shouting, screaming, threatening, gesturing, sometimes resorting to physical assault.

Road rage is becoming increasingly common on our congested roads and motorways. Violent aggressive driving leads to raised tempers, bad decisions, accidents, injury, and sometimes death. Motorway madness results in multiple pile-ups involving tens, sometimes hundreds of vehicles.

Office rage, desk rage and work rage are the terms accorded by the media to violence in the workplace. This type of rage ranges from constant bullying and harassment to shooting sprees. I’ve been the victim of rage on numerous occasions. In supermarkets, on the street, in school, at the workplace and on the road. A few years ago a skinhead pushed me flat on my backside as he didn’t like the look of me. I have repeatedly gritted my teeth and wouldn’t put it into print what I would like to do to impulsive, uncontrolled people as such.

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The health expert

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Adonis comes head to head with Adonis

It was painstakingly planned. The metamorphosis of a fun-loving youngster into a vigorous muscle bound dynamo. From a normal guy on the street, to a celebrated personality in the community. Erm, enough chat about me… I am at a sports centre about to interview my fitness instructor.

‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’. I quote a legend as I glower icily towards him. ‘Tim Hector, I make no bones about the fact that this is payback for those gruelling regimes you have put me through’, I holler.

Tim Hector was born in the UK and was bought up in Newham. His father is from Antigua and mother from Guyana. Tim has a strong church background and spent his formative years under the tutelage of Seventh Day Adventists. Lister School in Newham was where his secondary education took place. Tim left college with qualifications in engineering and management.

After leaving college Tim decided to pursue employment avenues and wound up involved with various jobs, whilst holding a position as a premises maintenance team member at London City Airport for 5 years.

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